Supporters Like You

Meet Our Donors

We are thankful for those who have made gifts to The Mountaineers through estate gifts or annual donations. Here are some of their stories.

Lorna Corrigan

Lifelong Engagement Through Leadership

This spring we honored retiring Board President Lorna Corrigan, an accomplished attorney and 30-year member of the Everett Branch who recently completed her third and final year of presidential leadership. Lucky for us, Lorna has arranged for her contributions to far surpass her tenure in the presidential seat by including The Mountaineers in her estate plans. To celebrate her years of service and to learn more about why she chooses to give to The Mountaineers as a volunteer and a donor, I reached out and asked her to share more about what has moved her to give her time, talents, and treasure so generously.
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Helen Cherullo standing by large tree

When Passion and Purpose Align

As an observer, I believe Helen has truly answered her calling to celebrate and develop a culture of shared purpose in the outdoors. Choosing to plan for the future of Mountaineers Books with a gift in her will is just another example of how she can make a difference in a way that aligns with her passions.
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Dave Enfield climbing snow covered mountain

Inspired by Decades of Outdoor Lessons, Dave Enfield Pays It Forward

Dave ventured to summits stretching from the North Cascades, the eastern slopes of the Cascades, the Mountain Loop Highway, and many more. The trips left lasting impressions with rewarding outcomes. It’s this acknowledgement of nature’s benefits that inspires him to give back to our community which is why Dave joined the Peak Society and has been making monthly donations to The Mountaineers since 2015.
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Tom Hornbein

Why Hornbein Gives: The Importance of Philanthropy in Nonprofit Publishing

One way to create this magic is with the mission-based model of nonprofit publishing, like we use at Mountaineers Books. This unique model opens the door for philanthropic support, with the incentive of a tax deduction for donors who want to align with our mission, and allows us to focus on our organization’s goals, rather than financial returns for investors. Using donor funds we can amplify influence by establishing platforms that deliver on larger programmatic impacts and giving greater attention and support to our authors.
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Rich Draves

Peak Society Support at a Higher Level

The Mountaineers is where Rich developed a passion for mountaineering and conservation that sparked his evolution from student to volunteer to donor. “I see The Mountaineers as an important part of the Pacific Northwest community and my life,” Rich explained when I asked him what inspired him to make his first gift. “I wanted to support the community around us and I had the capacity to help.”
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Peter Hendrickson and Nancy Temkin

An Act of Love Toward All Our Children

As we’ve been reflecting on how grateful we are for the support we receive through The Mountaineers, and as volunteer leaders, we’ve strengthened our commitment to the health, safety, and strength of the organization. Though both of us discovered The Mountaineers in different ways, it is a place where we found each other and a community to share our lives with. Here’s a glimpse into the paths that led us to The Mountaineers.

Jim Lea

A Bequest to Give Back

Jim is happy to hear about the success of The Mountaineers youth programs. He said, “I think it’s wonderful when an organization takes advantage of its capabilities and gets young people involved. I support The Mountaineers efforts to get young people in the out of doors.” Like Jim, when you make a gift through your estate to The Mountaineers, and let us know about your gift, you become a member of the Summit Society.
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Jim Lea

Remembering Jim Lea, Longtime Mountaineer and Therm-A-Rest Inventor

Giving back is what Mountaineers do best. Jim gave generously to The Mountaineers because of our mission, values, culture, volunteers, and efforts to get young people in the outdoors. He said, “This is my way of giving back. The Mountaineers is a good group of people. I’d like to see the club perpetuate.” When I shared a vision of The Mountaineers doing what we do 100 years from now, he responded, “Why not more than 100 years?”
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society members

Planning Your Legacy with the Mountaineers Summit Society

Many of our members have made arrangements to include The Mountaineers in their wills or estate plans as a way to ensure the legacy and future of our organization. This type of giving is often referred to as “planned giving” or “legacy giving.”
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